Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reopening x)


so many things have happened since i last wrote here x)

most importantly, God is so much more real in my life now O.o

don't have much time to blog, choir practice before service tomorrow :D

today was the MSG(methodist small group) election for the MSG commitee 2010.

i was a nominee o.O

and there were 18 people there who could vote.

there were ten names on the whiteboard, each with a number next to it.

(there are five posts on the commitee)

we were asked to take pieces of paper and pencils, and write down the numbers of seven people which we think would do good on the commitee.

i got 18 votes O.O

i can't think of any reason why they would ALL vote for me..

i'm sure it was the Holy Spirit.

God was telling me "son, if I'm behind you, there's nothing you can't do."

at first i had my own opinions about which post i want and which i don't want..

(that's to be decided when all five of us are together)

but i realized that if i choose a job that's easy for me, i'd be avoiding an encounter with God O.O

so, God's will be done.

I will accept any position He chooses for me :)

Lord help me to keep my promise, because only You can.

"I can do EVERYTHING through HIM who gives me strength." Phillipians 4:13

Saturday, May 30, 2009

update o.O

been so long xD


i have a facebook account now! xD

lets see, Tammi has gone to Grace Chapel's church retreat, and i forgot my phone's PIN and now i gotta find its PUK =.x

ever-present jealousy issues =/

insecurity? or stupidity?

backupsinging in church tmr, yay! and choir o.O

and my housemate Jiun is sick o.O get well soon!!!

and...finals are near....and....sem break is getting nearer =D

but i won't be going back to KK this sem break =(

expensive =.x

also, i'm gonna take a winter elective(if i can) so my third year will be lighter on me xD

usually first years arent allowed to take electives(gotta wait till 2nd or 3rd year) so this is a great opportunity =D we hafta take four electives in our course(architecture) so if i get one done this year, i can do one less in third year =D i'm planning to take another one in winter of next year, then i wont have any electives in the oh-so-stressful third year o.O

uhmmmmmm.....yeah =D

"in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:6

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Survey when i'm supposed to be doing research =.x

♫When/if you're a senior in highschool, did you have senioritis?
what is that o.O
♫Are you into the whole zebra striped phase?
nope xD
♫How loud do you listen to your music?
loud in my room, and i try not to listen to music on the go 'cause i need to be aware of my surroundings o.O
♫When'd you last clean your room?
uh..yesterday after i bought a printer xD 'cause if i left my mess on my floor, i'd HAVE no floor =.x
♫Does your room have a lot of trash in it?
no trash except in my waste paper bin, a lot of junk though o.O and i haven't been living here that long =.x
♫Do you enjoy going through the car wash?
maybe if i wasn't in a car xD
♫If you bought an apartment, would you rather be on the bottom floor or top?
♫Can you usually figure out what time it is, without looking at the clock?
I was more accurate in KK xDxD here in Tasmania, nope xD
♫Are you allowed to have boys sleep over?
Gahah Tammi corrected you xD yes i am if i tell my landlord first xD
♫Were you ever an honor roll student?
i'm thinking of pastry =.x
♫Are you running out of your favorite perfume?
no perfume =.x
♫Who's your bestfriends love interest?
Me ;D
♫What are you listening to right now?
my laptop fan =.x
♫What were you/the driver doing wrong the last time you got pulled over?
My mom jumped the traffic queue 'cause i was sick o.O
♫What movie do you wish you had starred in?
♫Do you love your mom?
♫Do you ever hear random noises, or see things out of the corner of your eye?
Yep, i think i'm oversensitive to stuff like that o.O
♫Have you ever thrown up on someone? o.O
♫Do you obsess over little things?
I think so o.O
♫Have you madeout with your girl bestfriend?
Yes =p
♫Have you ever just sat outside by yourself on a nice warm day, soaking in the sun?
People don't do that in Malaysia, and the Tasmanian sun can really roast =.x
♫If you could teleport, what would you do?
i would go to Singapore every moment i don't have class o.O or maybe go home to KK for visits, and i would NEVER be late for ANYTHING anymore xD
♫Have you ever had to take a pregnancy test?
o.O =.= no
♫What is the oldest picture you have up in your room?
oldest...i don't have many pictures in my room o.O probably the one of me and Tammi?

by: surveys_____x

Thursday, March 12, 2009

feels like i'm fading,

am i gone?

why am i waiting,

have they all flown?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hi guys! more or less settled down, but don't have internet where i'm staying so can't post pictures yet =.=

in UTAS' Learning Hub now, using one of the computers..

made TONS of new friends, so many i can't remember the names of some...

great housemates, and only a little homesick..

more updates when i have time to come to the Learning Hub again =.x

or when my housemates and i get our own line =D

miss you guys!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Been a long time...

yo guys...

how long has it been o.O


leaving in...5 days...

to tasmania


two faces in one 'cause i don't know whether to be happy or sad...

gonna miss so many things, so many places...

but most of many people.

my family, my friends...

i love you guys.


okay, about my life nowadays...

tammi's been busy lately, seems to me her school's management suddenly went crazy xD

so she doesn't have much time for me right now xD

much less time for my little stories and complaints =.x

so i'm trying to store them up for when she has time...

well, in the absence of smses or skype calls sometimes, i've been doing alot of quiet thinking o.O

putting myself in the shoes of others...and trying not to feel like my shoes are bad xD

and of of warcraft xD

just last night we had a raid on the Alliance city of Stormwind...

we OWNED!!! xD

this week is preparation week for me...

buying things...


haircut(later) o.O no more tail xDxD

yeah...wonder if i'll feel like updating again...